How do I obtain or release my medical records?

PERIMETER: Complete the PO Surgery Center at Perimeter Medical Records Patient Request Form and fax it to 404-352-7420. Or, you can mail it to 5505 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd. Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30342-1749.

PIEDMONT: Complete the PO Surgery Center at Piedmont Medical Records Patient Request Form and fax it to 404-367-8259. Or, you can mail it to 77 Collier Rd. Suite 2000 Atlanta, GA 30309.

How long will the surgery or procedure take?

Your surgeon will be able to tell you the anticipated length of the procedure. Occasionally a procedure may not take long as long as stated, or it might take longer than anticipated. Rest assured that your surgeon and surgical team are giving you the best care available.

Why do I have to arrive so early?

Arriving well ahead of your procedure will ensure there is enough time to get you checked-in and allows time for the pre-operative nurses to get you ready for your procedure, such as starting an IV, giving you medications your physician has ordered, cleaning and marking the correct surgical site, etc.

Why can't I eat or drink before my procedure?

Not eating and drinking serve a very important purpose: to keep you safe. Not eating or drinking will allow your stomach to be empty of any contents, which could be regurgitated into your windpipe and lungs while you are under anesthesia. If you do not follow these rules, your procedure may be delayed or canceled.

Why do I have to have someone stay with me during my procedure?

It is important that your personal representative stay in the building so that we can keep him or her updated on your discharge status, so that he or she can speak to the surgeon and to receive discharge instructions on how to care for you at home after your procedure.

Can I drive myself home?

Patients who receive anesthesia will not be permitted to drive until the following day. Patients who will receive sedation will not be permitted to drive until the next day. Patients being seen for pain management are not permitted by their physicians to drive until the following day.

You will not be permitted to walk home, take a bus or other public transportation. Please make arrangements to have a responsible adult drive you to and from the center.

Why do I need to have someone stay with me the first 24 hours after my surgery?

To ensure your overall safety, we advise that you have a responsible adult stay with you the first 24 hours after surgery as you recover from your anesthesia. This person will be able to assist as you ambulate (walk around), help prepare meals, and help with your medications. Your safety is the overall goal.

Why am I getting so many different bills?

You will receive a bill (or an explanation of benefits from your insurance company) for the Surgery Center’s fee, one for the physician’s professional fee, one for the anesthesiologist’s fee, and one for pathology (if applicable).